Rules of the Colony [Must Read]

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Rules of the Colony [Must Read]

Post by [RP] Lord Avarice on Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:50 pm

Welcome to the new IDS boards.

• If there’s only one rule to follow, it is this: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect your fellow forum members and Moderators. Sometimes ideas will clash and not everyone will agree with someone. But just keep “RESPECT” in mind and you won’t be breaking any rules.

• Signatures should not exceed 550x250 pixels in total dimension size. This limit applies even in cumulative or multiple image usage. This applies even with the combination of texts and images.

• When posting, please keep in mind that your posts will be read by everyone (That means that posting in dialects other than Tagalog, Bisaya and English without posting any translations, unless if that word can be understood by everyone). Therefore make sure it is understandable and appropriate enough on all levels.

• Strictly, no swear words.

• Posts should be, as much as possible in English.

• Please don't SPAM. Spams are Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Also, avoid nonsense, pointless, 1-word posts/replies.

• Avatar dimensions are resized when it exceeds the accepted size, so don't worry.

• Please don't: use ALL CAPS, F@NcY TeXt, 1337 +3xT; And dont spam: smileys and punctuation marks (i.e. ?!?!!!111). It is not pleasing to the eye.

• Try to resize images if you want to post them. And absolutely, no pornographic images.

• Please avoid obscenities, vulgar posts, and flaming. No trolling too.

• Please, don't exploit loopholes in rules, it's stupid. Very Happy

• Please avoid double posting, there's an EDIT button. Double posting means posting another reply after your post/reply.

• If you're reprimanded, please don't get angry because it's for the good of the forums.

• As much as possible do not go off topic on certain forums. And learn where to post appropriate posts. Use the search button before making a new topic if possible.

• When creating new topics, please use an appropriate topic name.

• It is the responsibility of the posters to be aware of these guidelines. Failure to be so informed does not release, nor excuse them from coverage of these guidelines.

• Please avoid one word posts, or senseless posts. And, I appreciate all of you guys for being so active and all, but please limit your thread making because it interferes with the flow of the forum. Making it a little unbalanced, and might trigger some unnecessary responses.

• Also, please avoid single-lined replies and reserve your unnecessary remarks. Just merge them with your real reply. Remember, this is not an MMORPG game, you won't level up even though you have tons of posts, that's why we didn't put ranks below your names.

Please, as much as possible, familiarize these rules by heart. Violators of the said rules will be dealt with accordingly (i.e. deletion of post/s, suspension of account etc.) <=== coming soon.

(To be revised -- suggestions are entertained, please PM me if you have any. ^^)


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