YMCA and the Importance of Sleep

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YMCA and the Importance of Sleep

Post by Todd Stark on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:39 pm

The YMCA has always been inspiring people to lead a healthy and happy life. They host a number of activities for people from all walks of life. The activities not only help people to improve their health but also help them to improve their relationships with family members and friends.
The YMCA stresses that sleep is as important to the human body as activity. Research has proved that sleep is an important component of children’s routine. A consistent schedule for bedtime should be followed for children. This will help children to get enough restful sleep. One can try using a consistent bedtime routine for children. This will give them an opportunity to wind down, relax and get ready for bed. Switching off the TV much before bedtime can help them to get better sleep and an easy transition. Before going to sleep, one can try out things like taking a light snack, a glass of water, a warm bath, putting on a night dress, brushing teeth and reading a book with the parent. It is a real challenge to get the right amount of sleep with all the activities and homework that kids have. One should not schedule too much activity for children which would prevent them from getting the necessary amount of sleep. Kids might sometimes not get the sleep they need in the busy schedule.
The activities of the YMCA inspire ali sharaf, the President and CEO of Victron Energy. He finds joy in helping such institutions by funding them as and when they need. Such funds help the organizations to carry on their activities smoothly.

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